Avoid Sky Vegas

Another casino to add to your “avoid like the plague” list.
avoid sky vegasFollowing in the footsteps of Betfair (on more than one occasion),  Sky Vegas have joined the ranks of Online Casinos who are refusing to pay winning customers following an error or software glitch.
It’s currently too early to tell exactly what Sky’s reason for not paying is but we do know that a number of players, all playing a particular slot in Euros won a substantial amount of money.
More than one of the players managed to withdraw their winnings back to their bank account and then (this is the disgusting part) Sky Vegas actually took the money back from their bank accounts!
This is the same thing that happened with Betfair and reflects just as badly on the banks as it does on the casinos.
1: If the game was faulty why didn’t anyone spot it? They have plenty of staff!
2: If the game was faulty then why did Sky pay the winnings? Appalling on behalf of their payments team, it’s not like these players have winnings of hundreds of thousands of Euros every week.
3: Having realised their mistake (?) Sky should have sought to contact the customer and legal representatives to broker a solution, not steal money from bank accounts (especially money that Sky’s representatives ahve already approved for payout).
As usual you can follow the latest in this case on the excellent CasinoMeister forum.
We watch with interest…