Daily Jackpots by Red Tiger Gaming

A few years ago, Red Tiger Gaming launched a new take on jackpots together with Betfair and Paddy Power. The idea was to group a bunch of games together, and offer a new, special kind of jackpot on them. Unlike normal jackpots, where the probability of winning the jackpot stays the same until someone wins it, they came up with a few other ways of doing it.

The jackpots are set up locally for each Online Casino you play at. Groups such as Betfair & Paddy Power, Betsson, Casinoeuro, Kindred (Unibet), etc, will have the Jackpots linked across their internal brands. This means if you can play the Daily Jackpots at Betfair or Paddy Power, where the “Day” ends at 00:00 GMT, and win or lose, you can move to another site operating in Europe rather than UK, leading to 1 hour left before midnight strikes. Kerching!

Any game from Red Tiger Gaming can be set to be included or not in the Daily Jackpots. This means you can play one game at one Casino where it is included, but also the same game at another Casino with no chance of winning the Jackpots.

Features on Daily Jackpot Slots

The Daily Jackpots, or Must Drop Jackpots as they are called at Casumo, often consists of three or four different Jackpots:

  • The Daily, a progressive jackpot which must fall before the clock strikes midnight.
  • The Progressive, a ‘normal’ progressive jackpot which can reach millions
  • The Medium, a jackpot which has to fall before it reaches a given number (often €100 000 or similar)
  • The Quick, a jackpot which has to fall before it reaches a small figure (generally €500 – €1000)

This kind of Jackpot structuring allows for smart players to gain that extra edge. But don’t worry if you do not consider yourself a smart player, simply keep reading and soon you will be.

First thing to do if you want to seriously go for these jackpots is understand how much people play the Jackpot games at different sites. Spend a few days checking a few different Casinos to see Daily Jackpot pays out at. Some may have Daily wins of €15000, while others rarely break €5000.

Now you might think, ‘Ok, so I should play where the Jackpot is the highest?’. This is true to some extent. Whilst higher jackpots means higher payouts, it also means more players trying to win it in the evening. The evening is your time to shine. We recommend to start playing the Daily Jackpots around 2 or 3 hours before midnight.

Another way to earn money on these jackpots is to constantly hunt for the Quick Jackpot. Simply set up an account at every place where a Daily Jackpot or Quick Jackpot is available and play only when it is close to paying out. In other words, if the jackpot pays at €500, start playing at €450. This of course takes a lot more work of logging in and out. Not every site has the Quick hit jackpots available, and some have the higher versions of €1000.

Where to Play Red Tiger Daily Jackpots?

Here’s a list of our Recommended Casinos offering the Daily/Must Drop Jackpots right now. 

Betsson, Casinoeuro and Betsafe share the same jackpot though (since they’re all part of Betsson Group). Either way, the Daily Jackpot often reach several thousands of euros at any of these casinos. 


Whilst we have yet to win a Daily Jackpot ourselves, we really enjoy the concept and the supporting jackpots, such as the Medium or the Quick, makes the game fun to play even if you just missed the Daily Jackpot.

At Slotmad, we love innovation and new things that make our gaming more enjoyable and specially if it increases the winning potential at the same time.