€1500 Cash Giveaways in May


May Giveaway

May Madness is here! We have a total of €1500, which the wonderful world of SlotMad is going to be giving away to our amazing followers.
This month we have three, yes three giveaways on the go!
After the success of the past few months, we’ve decided to reward you in as many ways as we possibly can.

For the month of May we are going to be running:

  • €500 Bonus Hunt Giveaways
  • €500 Pragmatic Play Giveaways 
  • €500 Random Cash Giveaways on Stream

Sound good?

Well head over to the Twitch Stream, give us a follow and keep an eye out for all the great giveaways we have going on this month!


Please note these prizes are given by us in good faith. If we suspect abuse of the competition (multiple accounting etc) then we reserve the right not to pay.

We have had multiple issues in the last few giveaways and it’s not fair on the genuine chat participants if someone attempts to cheat.

We will always look as favourably as we can on suspected cases but our decision has to be final.


Payments can be made by Revolut or by Bank Transfer only.


You can join us on the stream through any of the links below:

SlotMad Streaming Page
SlotMad Twitch Channel
SlotMad Youtube Channel

Terms & Conditions

* Winners will be paid by SlotMad through Paypal, Revolut or Bank Transfer.
* Winners will be contacted via Twitch whisper message after the stream to confirm payment details.
* Winners must be at least 18 years of age to receive a prize.