Free-Spins and Bonus Rounds

SlotMad Free spins bonus rounds

The one thing I love about my job, playing the slots. I get to play slots and really get to understand them. The mechanics behind them, the look, the feel, the sounds, free-spins, bonus rounds and features. Determining what I love and dislike about various different things regarding the gameplay.
We all know that the slots are subjective. Each person feels very differently about the games they play. Ask anyone in the SlotMad office and they will each say something different. Some might like the base game, or the bonus round, or the free spins rounds. Yes. There is a difference between bonus rounds and free spin rounds as I’ve discovered. Just look at the latest game from Elk Studios, Chi, there’s a bonus round and free spins round.

What’s the difference?

The free spin rounds generally tend to be similar to the base game with the wilds being a little different to the normal base game. The wilds could be walking wilds, where they move across the screen, or sticky and stay where they are. The multiplier could be a progressive multiplier like the MegaWays games. But on a whole its not massively dissimilar.
The bonus round, well that can be something totally different. It can be absolutely different from the base game. Being almost a separate game altogether. Here, generally, you’ll find that it’s harder to trigger and can possibly pay more, given the unique features it can have.
Rather than a reel game, there can be a quest or wheel spin, or something that gives you winnings outside of the base game or Free-Spins. Here, usually, your stake is used to determine the win amount.

Up Side/ Down Side

As is life, there’s an upside and downside to this.
The upside, you get to play slots that make you feel like you’re getting more back for your spins. Adding to the excitement that you may hit a bonus round as well as a free-spin round all in one gameplay.
The downside, that you may have to put in the spins like really put in the spins to see something exciting. Sometimes those algorithm Gods are on your side and sometimes they’re really not. Nature of the beast there folks.

We thought we’d let you make your own decisions and compiled a handy list of games that have both bonus and free-spin rounds. As is the world of slots, there’s always something new coming out, so we will be continually updating this and ensuring we have a great list for you to choose from!

Happy playing all!

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