Get a Casino bonus every time! Almost…

How to get a casino bonus (when there are none freely available)

Bonuses are great (generally at least, remember to check the wagering terms) but you usually only get one when you join up and perhaps a regular monthly reload bonus.
What if you want to get a casino bonus when there isn’t an offer on?
Well, you can always ask.
I have many friends who are casino managers and each one tells of players who regularly email them for bonuses. Some are successful all the time, some occasionally, some never.
Here are their tips to give yourself a good chance of getting a bonus.
1: Don’t ask when you’re on a winning streak. It’s OK to ask for a deposit bonus but never ask for a free bonus unless you are losing.
2: Don’t ask too often. Some Casino managers have people who ask two or three times a day – that just annoys them so go easy.
3: Say Thank You whenever they do give you a bonus – this really does go a long way. Many bonus beggars will say nothing until it’s time to beg another bonus. Bad idea.
4: Don’t ask every time you play. Nobody gets a bonus every time, save it until you have a big deposit to make (the more you deposit the higher freebie you’ll get for your percentage).
5: Build a rapport with them. If you spot any problems with their games, site or promotions send them a nice email pointing the issue out. This is a great way to get free bonuses too.
6: Be sure to big up the casino on forums. This is a great way to get thank you bonuses. Especially if you use the same username on the casino and forum. If not be sure to drop the fact that you have posted kind things about the casino into a chat the next time you email the casino team.
Best of luck!
In my experience
the mid-sized casinos are the best for bonuses and the major players are hard to approach.
One of the best IMO is Casimba Casino

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