Progressive Jackpot slots: In the know factsheet

Progressive slot machines usually offer massive jackpots, but at what cost, and how do they work? Read on dear slotter, read on…
It’s important to know the differences between a progressive slot and a normal slot machine.
While a progressive slot machine promises higher jackpots it doesn’t come for free.
How a Progressive Slot Works
Every time a player places a bet on a progressive slot, a portion of that money is added to the jackpot fund. This ensures that the jackpot continues to grow. It’s typically 1c in every €1
The Three Types of Progressive slot jackpots

Stand Alone Progressive: A Stand Alone Progressive slot operates independently of other progressive slots across the network.
Casinoeuro is an example of this – they choose not to take the pooled progressive jackpot which all other Net Ent casinos In a Stand Alone Progressive machine, the player’s bet increases the jackpot on that casino alone.

In-House Progressive: An In-House Progressive is a series of slot machines owned by the casino. These machines can either be tied to other similar machines in the casino or tied to a larger network of machines in several casinos owned by the same company. An In-House Progressive slot machine’s jackpot is shared by every machine.

Shared or network Progressive: A network Progressive slot is linked to many online casinos who are operated by the same software provider. Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune are the biggest examples.
In a Shared or Network Progressive slot, every slot on all casinos adds to the jackpot pool. These generally have the highest payout, and the lowest odds of striking the jackpot.

Mega Fortune bonus wheel Mega Moolah.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Progressive Slots

Progressive slots offer the highest jackpots of any slot machines in the casino.
Sometimes, to qualify for the full jackpot, a player must be betting the maximum amount on every spin although generally there’ll be a stated minimum such as €1.

If they are betting less then the maximum and hit the jackpot, then the payout will be much lower then anticipated. For this reason, it is only a good idea to play progressive slot machines if you can bet the recommended minimum on each spin, otherwise, stick to a normal slot machine.

I’m not a fan of Jackpot slots as they tend to be the most boring games, but if it’s a big win that gets you excited then you should try Mega Moolah, Major Millions or Mega Fortune
Mega Moolah can be enjoyed on all MicroGaming sites. Mega Fortune is a Net Entertainment network slot.

Good luck, and if you land one of those jackpots I’d love an E-Type Jag!

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