Railroad from Merkur – bonus round madness.

Epic bonus round free spins with a big win.

What’s the highest number of free spins you’ve ever had?

In 15 years of playing slots every day my record was 135. It was offline and it was on Novomatic’s Chicago.

Other than that I can count on one had the times I’ve got close to 100.


I played railroad by Merkur.

It was the end of a long, fun but not particularly profitable stream and we were down  to our last 55 or so euros.

We hit the bonus round really early on (usually taken as a bad sing by superstitious slot players).

An hour later we were still going strong on railroad. On the same bonus game. It went nuts.

You can see the video of the epic bonus round below.



I doubt I’ll ever see anything quite as nuts as that again.

Can’t help thinking it should have been a bigger win but perhaps that’s just greedy.


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