Scatters Casino goes gaga for gamification.

scatters casino

Scatters Casino has further enhanced its reputation as an outstanding player-friendly casino by integrating the Unibo Gamification suite alongside their current loyalty program.

Scatters is now offering frequent tournaments, Missions, challenges and local jackpots.

We take a look at each type of campaign below:


Not all tournaments are created equally. Incredibly many still require that you exit the game page to check your progress. When they don’t the tournament window is frequently cumbersome and gets in the way of your gameplay.

Not with Unibo tournaments we’re happy to say.

You can choose to have the tournament module open at the side of the game (it resizes the game window of course but on the majority of screens it works perfectly.

If you’re on a very small screen or you prefer to see the game no problem you can toggle show/no show on the tournament module and without leaving the game you can quickly check on your status.

At all times you’ll see the leaders and your position in the overall rankings.

Tournaments offer a range of prizes and of course are offered at no additional cost to the player.

Missions and challenges

Slots are great fun, we are of course massive fans. However, they can become a bit repetitive, especially with the amount of high volatility slots out there. That tends to mean big gaps between wins and after a while a sense of detachment or boredom. That’s not the most entertaining experience.

Unibo offers missions such as

  • Play 50 spins on a certain slot or range of slots.
  • Get 2 wins in a row
  • Get 3 losses in a row
  • Get 3 big wins in 100 spins

Adding more events and incentives makes for a much more exciting game experience and means that you won’t become bored – regardless of how the slot is performing.

It’s free of course and it’s a fabulous way to enhance your casino experience.

Once again it’s all in-game and you won’t be forced to leave the game to check your progress – you don’t even have to keep track or keep checking as you’ll receive alerts in the form of illuminated icons pressing you to check-in or announcing a completed achievement and reward.

Promotional Jackpots

Quite a few slots offer a Jackpot option these days but are you aware that the jackpot is funded by you the player and no the casino or game companies? That’s how they can reach as high as millions of Euros.

Every time you play a standard jackpot game somewhere between 4 and 8% of your bet isn’t actually a bet placed on the spin it goes straight to the jackpot fund.

Now that makes for eye-catching prize pools and life-changing amounts but unless you are only chasing that big win it’s no the best use of your gaming bankroll.

With Unibo jackpots you can get a jackpot boost on any slot and at no cost to you. The casino pays for the jackpot rather than you. Seems fair to us!

Of course the jackpots are likely to be much lower but you have a far higher chance of dropping one and 100% of your money is going into each spin, thus increasing your overall win potential.

Scatters is already a great casino – with the addition of Unibo you’d be hard pressed to find a better place to play.