SlotMad Giveaways

SlotMad Giveaway update

After a few months of structured giveaways we’ve decided to change things around a little.

With daily timed giveaways on certain providers we reached a point where we were:

  • Seeing an influx of viewers for the giveaway slots (we don’t blame them, fair’s fair there’s money to be won).
  • Suffering from multiple accounting to land prizes.
  • Spending about 3 hours of the stream chasing the two giveaway triggers (100x win on the chosen provider’s games) leaving little time for other stuff like showcasino new games, playing a bit of Live Casino, quizzes, bonus hunts etc.

From  now onward, bar special events and occasions, we will be running random giveaways.

The random giveaways will be just that, given at random times and on random games.

There will still be lots of giveaways and prizes up for grabs but this will allow us to

  • Reward our loyal viewers.
  • Keep player winnings in line with our winnings.
  • Go with the flow on stream and not be tied to a schedule.


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See you soon!