SlotMad’s Charity Giveaways

SlotMad Charity Giveaway

Those of you who know us and follow us on Stream know we all enjoy giveaways.

We know our viewers enjoy them too so we’ve been running monthly giveaways from both ourselves and other Providers. Naturally, following the success of this, we thought we would have SlotMad’s Charity Giveaways.

We at SlotMad thought it would be great to spread the love and support the charities that are out there.

We’ve all been affected by something in our lives. Be it positive or negative and certain dedicated charities have been there to help us, give support, guidance and comfort. We thought it would be a lovely gesture to donate to these amazing and fantastic causes out there.

What we will do

Along with our viewer giveaways and competitions, we will also choose a charity or good cause to donate to.

What charity you want to donate through can be suggested by the SlotMad team or our followers.

The SlotMad Team are Donating too!

Some of our fantastic SlotMad followers often wish to volunteer a percentage of their winnings to the latest good cause – and frequently do.

The SlotMad team sometimes like to have a guess in our own competitions – so long as we have no additional information that the SlotMad followers don’t have of course. This may be when we run a Bonus Hunt or a random guess on a bonus win etc.

In these cases, if anyone who works for SlotMad wins a prize then the winnings will go to the good cause.

The Personal Ones

Sometimes we get approached and are advised of something traumatic that may be happening in someone’s personal life. We’ve all had a time in our lives where something unfortunate has happened. And financial assistance has come in to help alleviate the stress. No matter how big or small it is.

Where we are donating to an individual good cause, we will not be publishing how much we have contributed. This is for the sake of their privacy. Unless otherwise directed.

When we donate to organisations, we will publish the amounts donated.

If you would like to suggest a charity that you think would benefit from the SlotMad love, then give us a follow on Twitch and shout out your suggestions.

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