• RTP - 96%
  • MegaWays
  • Volatility - Extreme
  • Provider - Big Time Gaming

Bonanza Online Slot from Big Time Gaming – Review, Video and Free to play

Bonanza is the first online slot ever made with the MegaWays concept. It was built by Big Time Gaming and it really took the online slotting community by storm when it was released back in 2017. The potential for big wins is massive, specially if you make it to the Free Spins Feature. The MegaWays concept is a complex feature where every spin there is a different number of symbols on the reels on every spin. This can combine to create a spin with up to 117 649 ways to win.

Loading Screen of Bonanza


The Bonanza Pay table


Bonanza is the first slot ever made with the MegaWays concept. It was built by BTG and it really took the online slotting community by storm. The potential for big wins is massive, specially if you make it to the Free Spins Feature. The Bonanza slot has six reels, together with a cart track on top of the reels. The Cart track adds one extra symbol to reel two, three, four and five. The Cart track is also the only place where the Dynamite Wilds can show up and during Free Spins, this is where

Paytable 5Exploding Symbols

Scatter Symbols

There are quite a few different symbols in this online slot. Bonanza has ten paying symbols, a Cart wagon Wild and the Scatters symbols. The first scatters that lands is a G, followed by O, L, D together forming the word G O L D. There are six reels, so on one spin you can get up to six scatters symbols, and after some reactions, you might see yourself with even more. Each extra Scatters after the initial four will have a +5 on them. This means you get five extra free spins for each additional scatter. Four scatters give you twelve free spins, so if you manage six of them, that’s 22 free spin.

Paytable 4

Wild Symbol

The Wilds in  Bonanza only show up in the carts on top of the reels. These can contain other symbols as well, but the dynamite wilds are of course what you hope for to get those exploding reactions. When a symbol on the Cart reels is part of a reaction, a new cart is added from the right as all carts in between move left.

Paytable 3

Paying Symbols

The highest paying symbol in the game is the round diamond. Six of a kind of these nets you 50 times your bet. Following the diamond are the three other gem stones, the Ruby, the Sapphire and the Opal. The Ruby is the most valuable of the three, paying 7.5 times stake on a six of a kind, down to your stake back for three in a row. The Sapphire and the Opal have similar pays, with only four of a kind and five of a kind differing between the two. Sapphire is the slightly more valuable stone, unfortunately you do not get to choose what lands on the wheels. But that is what we love right?

Paytable 1Paytable 2

The Low paying symbols are the nearly always present royals. You know them, you love them, it’s A, K, Q, J, and 10! But that’s not all! This time also featuring a returning favorite, the 9!

So now that we know about the symbols, how does the game play?

Bonanza Base game

In the Base Game, we are presented with the MegaWays concept. Each spin, a new number of symbols are chosen on each spin. With the top reel, this can create a maximum of 117 649 ways. The maximum amount of symbols on the reels are thus 7 – 6 – 6 – 6 – 6 – 7. Together with the top rail, we get 7*7*7*7*7*7 = 117 649 ways.

Each time a win happens, the symbols explode and are replaced from above with new symbols. This can cause a very exciting cascading effect, specially during free spins when the multiplier increases with each win. If one or more symbol on the upper cart rail is part of a reaction, then the rail will fill in with new symbols from the right.

Base Game in Bonanza

Free Spins in Bonanza

The Free Spins feature is where the big money happens. The Free spins starts when you hit four or more scatters symbols, forming the word G O L D *hopefully with one or two +5 if you are lucky). During the free spins, each winning spin will increase the Multiplier by one. Each spin sees a new set of MegaWays, just like the base game.

The rail road on top of the reels can during the free spins contain the re-triggering carts. These are carts with three gold bars on top of them. If you get three of these on the top reel, in any order, you will get five more free spins.

Early wins is the name of the game in the Bonanza Free Spins feature. Building that multiplier is really what it is all about, and of course retriggering the free spins. If you are lucky, you can manage a win like the below where after twelve spins this beauty hit. 96 ways of six of a kind aces at x11 Multiplier. Yes, that paid over €1100 on a 60 cent bet!

Free Spins 96 Aces win on Bonanza

Insane 2000x Win Stream Video on Bonanza

Below you can see the full video when we won over 2000 times the money on Bonanza during the stream. Alex and Phil break down when the 96 aces hit on the 12th spin. €1100 in one big hit… It was amazing.


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