Genie Jackpots Cave of Wonders

Genie Jackpots Cave of Wonders

  • RTP - 96.57%
  • Fruit Machine
  • Volatility - High
  • Provider - Blueprint

Genie Jackpots Cave of Wonders – slot review, play for free and video

When I saw there was a new Genie jackpots game, Genie Jackpots cave of Wonders, I was really excited.

Genuinely excited, I don’t mean that in some kind of I’m-A-casino-affiliate-I-better-use-some-hyperbole, I really mean it.

I love Genie jackpots. We play it loads on our casino stream and I’ve been eagerly awaiting a follow up.

So, imagine my surprise when it turns out to be a UK style pub fruit machine.

Now Blueprint do pub fruities and all sorts of other games but it just didn’t seem to fit within the ‘Genie’ portfolio.

Thing is I completely failed to notice the ‘Pub Fruit Series’ which is plastered all over the place…

Initial shock over I got stuck in.

Genie jackpots Cave of wonders reelss

Genie Jackpots Cave of Wonders – the game

The game opens with a half shot of a pub fruity style cabinet (like realistic gaming used to be except you could actually see the game here).

As with your pub fruities there’s a trail from 1 to 8 and the 4 is a mini bonus or boost.

Just like a pub fruity I somehow kept managing to get up to 8 but no further.

I tried all the usual tricks of keeping the left button pressed while holding the start button and balancing a pint of Stella on the crook of my elbow.

Alas it was to no avail. And I spilled my Stella all over my desk!

There’s a boost, a shot climb, an add again you know the score. If you don’t actually know the score and you’ve never played a UK pub fruit machine you’re missing out on a real experience.

I took a group of friends from Sweden to a pub in England and they were amazed at the complexity of these versus normal slots. They thought Megaways was complex…

Getting beyond the 8 and into the money triggers the extended machine and the bonus.

Genie jackpot Cave of Wonders Bonus trail

Genie jackpots cave of Wonders Bonus and how to play

Bonus trail

Triggering the BONUS will cause a dapple awarding either:

  • Stopper: This causes a Stopper, highlighting different locations around the board and wherever it lands is awarded to the player.
  • Boost: This boosts the player further down the trail.
  • Win Spin: The reels spin to a prize.
  • Respin: Awards a respin of the reels.
  • Shot Climb: 3 Shots given to climb the trail ladder.
  • Add Again: Adds the numbers that landed in during that spin again then a repeat YES/NO is given.

Super Board Trail

Triggering the SUPER BOARD Trail will initiate the top game. From this point a series of Features and Cash prizes can be won by moving around the board dictated to by the number in the middle of the board.

The Trail Bonus awards one of the following:

  • Feature+: Increases the feature board on the left.
  • Cash+: Increases the cash board on the right.
  • Free Spin: Awards an additional Free Spin. Winnings are put into the cashpot.
  • Genie: Moves the player to the inside of the board.
  • Lamp: Collect three or more to enter the Cave Of Wonders Bonus.
  • Heart: Collect three to award an extra life.
  • Cash Out: Forces the player out of the Trail Bonus with a dapple which awards a prize or lose.
  • Multiplier: A multiplier of the player’s stake is put into the cashpot.
  • Bonus: Awards a Bonus.
  • Mystery: Awards mystery outcomeGenie jackpots Cave of Wonders full reel set



There are 16 features possible, all in view on the left hand side of the game. Upon being collected they will apply the following action:

  • BIG MONEY – The game transitions to big money.
  • DJINN IT TO WIN IT – The base reels shall spin to a win then a repeat YES/NO is given. If yes, the reels spin to another win.
  • MAGIC MONEY – The player picks to reveal a cash prize. Continues until the player reveals COLLECT from a box.
  • CLOUD 9 – The top 9 values dapple of the cash ladder. The player presses start to stop the dapple and is awarded the corresponding prize. A repeat YES/NO is then awarded on that prize.
  • CASH CREATOR – All the values dapple on the cash ladder. The player presses start to stop the dapple and is awarded the corresponding prize. A repeat YES/NO is then awarded, if yes another cash value is awarded.
  • LAMP IT UP – The game brings up 3 lamps which the player picks from to reveal CLIMB 1, 2, 3 or collect. Revealing a climb will advance up the cash ladder.
  • GOING FOR GOLD – A random dapple across the red panels. The player presses spin to stop the dapple and wins the corresponding prize.
  • MAKE A WISH – Brings up 3 Gold Lamps and the player picks one to reveal a prize.
  • REELS OF WONDER – The main game reels will spin and the player is required to press start to stop the reels which then pay any line wins.
  • EASY MONEY – The player Hi-Lo gambles up the cash ladder until they lose the gamble.
  • 3 WISHES – 3 Shots given to climb the cash ladder.
  • GENIE-OUS – The base game reels spin and the player presses SPIN to stop the reels. The numbers in view climb the cash ladder by the corresponding number of segments.
  • MON-KEY BANK – Brings up 3 monkeys and the player picks one to reveal a prize.
  • GENIE GAMBLE – A gamble up/down on the cash ladder.
  • HOT SHOT – A random dapple across the blue panels. The player presses spin to stop the dapple and wins the corresponding prize. A repeat YES/No will be given on the win.
  • DJINN SPIN – The base game reels shall spin to a winning combination.

Cave Of Wonders

  • Collecting 3 Lamps whilst travelling around the feature board will activate the Cave Of Wonders Feature. Once active the player can choose to enter the Cave Of Wonders Feature or play on with the chance to upgrade the Cave Of Wonders bonus. Collecting 5 Lamps activates Super Cave Of Wonders where the bottom 5 paddles are eliminated from play and collecting 6 Lamps activates Mega Cave Of Wonders where all the blue paddles are eliminated.

The center opens up with a number ladder from 1 to 12 allowing you to gamble hi/lo on any features or cash you have on offer.

I risked gambling on an 11 (something I’d never do in the pub, nor on a 2) and I won.

I then got a 2, and I bottled it.

Hearts award an extra life so you want to land on those. You’ll still be forced out of you land on a Cash Out mind you.

At any point you can opt to take the cash on offer, the cashpot or the feature offer.

Thew top reward is the Cave of Wonders which has a Super and Mega mode.

I got up to 3 Wishes on the feature ladder and 16 in the cash ladder before hitting a Cash Out which dumped me with 2 quid.

Still, it was fun and I went in again, and again.

Summary –¬†Genie Jackpots Cave of Wonders

I was more than a tad upset when I saw what this was based on but having spent a really fun, and quite nostalgic 30 mins or so on this I’m sold.

But I really enjoyed it.

I could use a pint right now mind you….

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